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Zurich American Women's Club Lecture on the Pelvic Floor - 28 March 2017

Pelvic floor weakness is one of the most common taboos among women today but 1 in 3 women at experience incontinence. Child birth, high impact sports activities and ageing can all contribute to pelvic floor dysfunction but the overwhelming majority of all bladder and bowel weakness symptoms are TREATABLE with physiotherapy (fact!). This workshop tackles the taboo head-on with a clinical but light-hearted look at the importance of pelvic floor health. Drawing on clinical expertise and the latest evidence based practice attendees will hear about and discuss methods to prevent and treat pelvic floor dysfunction.

Many women are embarrassed to talk about it or seek for help on time, however Biljana who is a U.K. spec. Physiotherapist in Pelvic Health will break this taboo by demonstrating the anatomical 'parts that matter' on her ‘Elvis The Pelvis’ skeleton and explain the factors that contribute to the 'Fall' of the Pelvic Floor. Whether crossing your legs when sneezing and coughing, rushing to the loo when jumping, or looking for a bush during your run - the answers are here! Oh yes, and all those whose bladder lets you down as you put the key through the door ... Unmissable fun-factual presentation and Pelvic Floor workout (no sweat guaranteed). As a bonus feature we will discuss Pelvic Floor Safe Workout in case you need to modify your training in the gym.

About Biljana

Biljana is a recognised physiotherapist in the UK and Switzerland. A Master Trainer in Women’s Health at the Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute, she’s been teaching medical professionals on the use of Pilates to address women’s health issues since 2005. Biljana has also worked in the musculoskeletal teams of Chelsea & Westminster, Queen Mary’s and Imperial College Hospitals in London. Apart from her physio and Pilates caseload Biljana teaches postgraduate physiotherapy and Pilates courses internationally and at the Haute Ecole de Santé, Geneva. Biljana is the mum of 2 boisterous children and practices what she preaches in pelvic floor health!